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Belly button rings during pregnancy-safe or not?

Belly button rings during pregnancy-safe or not?

Belly button ring is super cool, stylish and sexy and it shows the flat toned belly. But once it is conformed that you are pregnant, you should think of belly piercing.

Piercing belly button during pregnancy

There are some factors that could consider before and it would be better postpone or avoid during pregnancy. After pregnancy, there takes places many changes in the woman’s body due to the variations in the hormone levels. Sometimes the body could not react as expected at the time of piercing. Healing could take long time at the time of pregnancy than usual.

Points to consider if belly button is already there

The abdomen grows in the later months of the pregnancy and the area around the belly button ring can be irritating or itching. In some cases, the expansion causes infections. At the time of labor, it should be removed.

Points to remember before planning to get a belly button ring during pregnancy

  • Women with sensitive skin types need to take more care as it could cause irritation.
  • If the doctors tells the labor is c-section, totally avoid piercing during pregnancy and if it is already there, remove it before going to labor.
  • As the body response, skins of the women are different from one other, it could cause side effects. Better to take suggestion from your doctor or skin specialist before getting piercing.

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