Bariatric surgery for successful IVF in obese women

Bariatric surgery for successful IVF in obese women

Today in metro cities many of the women are suffering from an obesity epidemic, especially young couples. These women are facing infertility in higher rates. As a result, there is a boom in the IVF clinics in Bangalore. But very often, morbidly obese women find that several cycles of IVF are futile. Bariatric surgery is gaining popularity among these obese women who want to lose weight. And the rates of IVF rejection have become so common in obese women, that fertility experts are sending them to get a Bariatric surgery first and then plan their pregnancy after a certain gap. 

A patient herself is a gynaecologist at the age of 30 years had gone through bariatric surgery, as she gained nine kilos of weight at the first nine months of her marriage. As she was unable to conceive after several attempts, she decided to take bariatric surgery and she conceived naturally a year after undergoing the surgery. The doctor says that there was no way the women who are above 100 kilos could conceive through IVF because the risks involved in it are too big. After the surgery, their weight could be brought down significantly and close to 50 per cent of them conceived naturally without an IVF procedure.

A few qualified fertility specialists in the city say that even though the conception rates is very low among the obese, many relentlessly are being put through the painful procedure to earn a few bucks thus causing a huge hole in their pockets. If IVF procedures are tried on these (obese) women, then it may have several adverse effects. Usually, a very high level of estrogen is given during the procedure because of which the risk of deep vein thrombosis is very high. This is why we often send women falling in the morbid obesity category for weight loss surgery and ask them to come back for the check-up

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