Bangalore woman to be India's first womb donor

Bangalore woman to be India's first womb donor

With the advancement in the technology, women with no uterus will also have the chance of getting pregnant with the uterus transplantation. This technology is one of the advancements in the infertility world that gains much ground in reproductive medicine across the world. With this technology, women who are born without a uterus or lost it due to any diseases could get more benefits. Benagaluru based fertility doctor collaborated with doctors of Sweden and got success in the first uterus transplantation.

The process requires various permissions from the government, including ethical clearance. The doctors stated that for every 5000 women, one woman is born without a uterus or with other diseases related to the uterus. Few women have congenital abnormalities, absence of vagina, cervix and the uterus. Women who are suffering with uterine factor infertility, uterus transplantation is a boon, because of those kind of women the only existing option is surrogacy or adoption.

There are three stages in the procedure, in which the first involves the harvesting of oocytes, from the recipient and these are used to create an embryo.  The retrieved embryos are frozen for future purpose.  In the second stage the harvested embryo is transplanted from the donor. The organ is placed in the pelvic cavity of the recipient and the functioning of the uterus need to be observed for six months. The third involves the implantation of the cryo-preserved embryo and follow-ups till pregnancy.

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