BACC stated tuberculosis causes infertility

BACC stated tuberculosis causes infertility

Bangalore Assisted Conception Center is one of the famous infertility clinics in Bangalore.  A patient had been married two years ago was unable to conceive and approached the hospital. The doctor after investigating her problem recommends endometrial biopsy for testing the uterus lining of the patient. The patient is just 23 old and the doctor’s diagnosis tuberculosis. Doctors stated that nearly 90% of women in these days are diagnosed with genital tuberculosis GTB at the age of 15-40 year age range.

Two out of ten women who are suffering with TB cannot bear children, but the advance medical treatments may help women in treating at the early stages. GTB can be treated easily and the woman can recover fertility. The patient was treated for about 9 months for tuberculosis and after the completion of the treatment she conceived through natural process. Fallopian tube and uterus TB could also be a reason for infertility in women and there is a possibility of causing damage in the endometrial lining. Genital TB is the cause of approximately 10% of all cases of infertility among women in India, and it usually has no symptoms at all, so it goes undetected for long spells of time. In case a woman does conceive, there is a higher risk of miscarriage. If the women undergo anti –TB treatment for a period of six months or nine months, there is a higher chance of getting pregnant compared to other infertile women.

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