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Are you panicking about IVF still births?

Are you panicking about IVF still births?

Many of the couples are now facing infertility and are conceived through non natural procedures including IVF and ICSI. But there are many problems are rising with the high tech baby making techniques. Many of the researchers conclude that the babies who are conceived with artificial reproduction techniques are more probable to be stillborn. Another study revealed that women who gave birth to the baby with only one fetus after treatment with these techniques had a fourfold increased risk of their babies being born dead when compared with the women who conceived naturally.

Now there is no need to panic about stillbirths

The techniques now a day’s using for the IVF treatments reduce the risks of stillbirths.  The exact reason for stillbirths is not known completely and many researchers is in a dilemma that whether the risk is mainly through fertility drugs or due to factors related to couple who endure IVF/ICSI. These fertility treatments are become as safer as natural conception. Test tube babies have nearly similar chance of extant as those conceived naturally. There has been a fallen rate in miscarriages, premature delivery and stillbirths through IVF compared to the early years of IVF.

The drastic enhancement is mainly due to the new advancements that limit the transferring of number of embryos. The stillbirth rates are more likely to increase with transferring of more embryos. Now the rate of stillbirths is just 0.3%, which is same as naturally conceived babies. Advancements in the hormonal regimes, taking better care on the women and their diet, screening the progress of embryo development reduces the risks of stillbirths in IVF.

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