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Anticipationg factors for IUI success

Anticipationg factors for IUI success

Depending on the various numbers of factors, the statistics of IUI can be varied from person to person. There are majorly six important factors that affect the artificial insemination statistics or IUI success rates.

Depends of the type of choosing IUI

  • There are mainly two types of IUI procedures, which have higher success rates over ICSI.

  • In the first case, the sperm is washed in the laboratory in order to separate healthy sperm from the less mobile sperm.

  • The direct injection of the concentrated and healthy sperm into the uterus.

  • The special sperm washing procedure has higher success rates and may boost the chances of getting pregnancy.

Depends on the age

  • The success of the IUI process depends upon the age of the women. The success rates vary from one age group to the other.

  • There is 10 to 20 percent chance of getting pregnant of women under 35 years during IUI cycle.

  • There is only 10 percent chance in women between 35 and 40 years.

  • There is only 5 percent chance in women over 40 years along with the usage of fertility boosting drugs.

Depends on the type of fertility drug

Many of the doctors recommend fertility boosting drugs before undergoing IUI process. These fertility drugs boost the ovulation process in the women and induce a superovulation state. This allows women body top release more number of eggs to boost the chances of pregnancy rates. The patient who takes Clomid as fertility drug has higher chances to become pregnant within 4 to 5 cycles. If this case got failure, injectable medications are recommended.

Depends on the number of inseminations performed

It is recommended to have two inseminations during IUI treatment as it boosts the chances of pregnancy.

Depends on the time of rest after IUI

The women need to lie down for at least 15 minutes after the IUI process.  The group that rested for 15 minutes have higher chances to get success rates compared to the women who got up quickly after the process.

Role of donor sperm

IUI process with donor sperm had a nearly 86 percent chance of success compared to the ICI with donor sperm. Thus IUI helps infertile couples to conceive with high success rates and with minimal costs compared to the other infertility treatments.

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