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Alleviate constipation during pregnancy

Alleviate constipation during pregnancy

Pregnancy is generally a wonderful time in every woman’s life and there are many physical changes that take places during this wonderful period. There are many factors that results in constipation during pregnancy like hormonal imbalance, diet and some medications. The main culprit for constipation during pregnancy is the progesterone hormone. As the growth of the bay increases, the pressure in the pelvic area could cause constipation. As every pregnant woman takes iron content foods and external medication for folic acid, lead to improper movements of the bowel. With the increased size of the belly, it is difficult to do exercises regularly; lack of exercises also causes constipation.

General signs of constipation during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the period at which there occurs many changes in the body and it is harder to find what is happening in the body. But few signs may help in detecting constipation problem.

  • It is very difficult and hard to pass.
  • Lower abdominal pain while passing is the main sign for constipation.
  • It takes 3 days gap for each bowel.
  • Bloating increases
  • Bleeding from rectum while passing

Fortunately there are proven and easy measures to get rid of constipation during pregnancy.


It is advisable to take more fluids and water during pregnancy and it is better to take 10 cups of water a day. As the food moves slowly at the time of pregnancy, intake of more water soften stool.

Along with water, fluids like milk and juices can also helps. Taking decaffeinated herbal teas also shows affect on constipation.If drinking plain water throughout the day is difficult, the water can be take in the form flavored water by adding lime, orange or cucumber.


The major cause of constipation during pregnancy is the avoidance of exercises. Exercises generally stimulate the bowel and helps digestion. Doing moderate walking at the time of pregnancy is healthy and prevents constipation.


Pregnant women diet should contain 25 grams of fiber to avoid constipation. Fiber is the natural constipation remedy. As the digestive system of the pregnant women changes, diet plays a key role in determining the health. It is recommended to take healthy diet and diet that helps to tackle constipation. Taking fresh, raw vegetables and fruits gives more vitamins and minerals to the body and they give relief from constipation.

Fruits like banana, grapefruit, and oranges enhance the bowel movements. Fiber rich vegetables like carrots, cabbage, spinach and cereals like pulses, beans and lentils give you relief. Along with these, intake of natural foods like watermelon, magnesium supplements and chamomile also helps to tackle constipation during pregnancy.

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