Air pollution exposure increase infertility risk

Air pollution exposure increase infertility risk

Women who are living in cities like Hyderabad and who are living near highways where the air is polluted by traffic exhaust fumes may likely to have fertility problems compared to the women who live further away where the air is clean. Many studies have shown that women who breathed unpolluted air for more than years may face problems while conceiving. Over the study period, there were about 2,500 reported cases of infertility. Women who lived close to a major roadway, within 199 meters, or about a tenth of a mile - were 11 percent more likely to experience this problem than women who lived farther from a highway, the study found.

This pollution is also one of the major reasons which cause primary infertility problems and secondary infertility problems. Researcher studies the relation between the infertility problems and pollution exposure. Women when they exposed to pollution for such long period of time may need medical recommendations at the time of conceiving, as pollution could negatively affect conception efforts.

Couples who are facing infertility problems need to be more cautious about their residing areas, as pollution sometime may cause adverse impact on fertility. Infertility is just one of many health problems attached to air pollution.

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