Age related infertility problems highlighted in Hyderabad

Age related infertility problems highlighted in Hyderabad

Age related fertility problem is on the rise in the city as many women are delaying their pregnancy due to career requirements.  Many of the couple are now seeking help from infertility clinics due to age related infertility issues. Over the past two years these cases have been increasing and the major reasons for this is the changing lifestyle, social trends, over exposure to electronic gadgets, erratic work hours, etc.

These days, many women are opting to conceive after 35 years of age and this is the most common cause for the age related infertility. As age increases in women, the ovulation cycle changes and they begin to have occasional cycles and sometimes egg is never released. The quality and quantity of the eggs also declines with age in women. In the age related fertility cases, most of the women are working women who postpone their pregnancy due to their career. With the age the probability of bearing a child decreases in women and opting for pregnancy after 35 years is undesirable.

The ideal age of women to have babies is around late twenties as the menopause occurs early in the women compared to men. After 35 years of age, the chances of becoming pregnant are totally depends on the quality of eggs and quantity of eggs. Women should be cautious about the fertility and also need to understand the preserving and maintenance activities of their eggs. 

The egg freezing trend has been rising in the city and many women are trying this technology. Many of the corporate companies are sponsoring their employees for preserving eggs. But technology is never a substitute for the natural process.

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