A glance over IVF Tourism India so far

A glance over IVF Tourism India so far

IVF tourism, which is also renowned as, fertility tourism is the practice in which people are travelling to other foreign countries for getting a better treatment for the infertility problems in them. It is considered as a branch of medical tourism, which India has already gained much recognition. The country proudly holds the third position in the entire Asia for providing excellent service for the medical tourists come from different corners of the world to India.The rate of infertility in people has unbelievably increased for the last few years, and the reasons are many. Many of the prominent infertility specialists agree that the drastic change in the life style of the people inclusive of the food habits, lack of physical exertion and high stress in the working environment are all being the causes for infertility.

IVF has been globally accepted as the effective treatment for infertility and people have an increased faith in that. But in many countries, the non- availability of the procedure, or the high expense are making the childless couple in those countries to think of some foreign countries where they can get better treatment with lesser expense. There comes the prominence of India which always been recognized for their global class reception and service and the high class medical facilities.The dexterity of the Indian doctors is globally respected and especially in IVF, there are thousands of test tube babies wiggles around the world who are born through the effective treatment in India. India and some other Asian countries are been chosen by more than 40 % women in the US for their ivf treatment with egg donation, mainly because of the success rate and the low cost.

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