49% of couples of age 35-40 in South India are infertile

49% of couples of age 35-40 in South India are infertile

A study conducted in South India especially in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai etc shows that nearly 49% of couples of age 31-40 are facing infertility problems. Many of the couples of this age group have undergone IVF treatment and the remaining is considering opting for infertility treatment. The Helping Families survey stated that the infertile couple has 100 percent faith in the ART techniques. Questions were asked to the couple about their mental stress at the time of treatment and it showed everybody was expressed tremendous stress and all of them need quick positive results.

Helping Families’ is a fertility survey endorsed by the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), the Asia-Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE). The survey was conducted among 2,562 participants and 100 infertility experts from nine Indian cities, including the southern cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, and Hyderabad, revealed startling figures.

The decline rates of fertility in India have started a decade ago and a decrement of fertility rate of 17% was observed in 2000. Lack of specialized doctors and lack of technology for diagnosing the exact issues is the main reason for the increment in number of infertility cases. Women are still pressured in all aspects concerning fertility, increasing the stigma and trauma associated with this condition. According to the survey, nearly 60% of the couples are in the hunt for infertility treatment abroad belongs to the age group of 31-40. In all these cases 41% are due to male infertility like low sperm count or poor sperm count and 40% cases are due to female infertility like PCOD or tubal factor.

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