25 years of journey-Gunasheela IVF centre

25 years of journey-Gunasheela IVF centre

Gunasheela IVF centre (GIC) is one of the best IVF clinics in Bangalore has helped many infertile couple in the city. The GIC, that has the distinction to achieve consistent high in-vitro fertilization (IVF) pregnancy rate of 52 per cent through sustained infusion of technology and contemporary practices, is contemplating to make IVF treatment accessible to government employees at a subsidized rate. 

The doctor of the clinic Dr Devika Gunasheela, MD of GIC hospital, as they are celebrating silver jubilee, GIC plans to offer free IVF treatments for 25 infertile couple from economically backward classes. The hospital gathers all the couples who underwent IVF treatment at the hospital. 

The doctor told that for the couple who have any questions about IVF or the couples who have reservations about IVF, the clinic provides counselling and their family members and they will try to avoid stigma attached to IVF.  South Indian First IVF baby was facilitated by GIC and the clinic has been upgraded continuously with advance technology in the infrastructure and process that addresses infertility issues.

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